• It’s a busy world and we never run out of things that need to be done. What’s funny is that the thing we lack most is the time to do those things.
  • When we do have time for those things it’s the lack of skills that keep us from doing them. We understand that not everyone can have the time to do stuff. We also understand that not everyone can be beauticians, electricians, plumbers, service repairmen, math tutors, physical therapists, locksmiths, pet groomers, or any kind of professional when the need arises.
  • At Inajiffy we can connect you to the Service Providers you are looking for, it doesn’t matter if the task is big or small, or something that will take mere hours to address or longer.
  • We provide a universe of services such as home cleaning services, electrician services, plumbing services, beauty services, repair services, delivery services, or vehicle care services.