InAJiffy™ has the universe of Services and one stop for all service seekers. Hurry up and register. InAJiffy™ organizes its services into service as main category and gig (the smallest work can be done in that service).
Example: Lawn Mowing service can have the gigs like; Lawn mowing, Weeding, Planting plants etc. Come Explore and register with us!!! Our seekers are businesses as well as individuals.

Sign Up with Us, if you are

  • A Pro to generate more business…
  • Medium skilled(Handyman), You are most sought after !
  • Unskilled(Novice), Learned some skills!
  • Able to Provide the service on demand, or on schedule or based on quoted
  • Individual, or a company or a team providing the services
  • Able to lift weights or not
  • Able to work outdoors or indoors
  • Able to provide service at Seeker’s location, or your location, or third party location or virtually
  • Able to drive, walk, or cycle to work place
  • Wanting to lend your servicing tools or borrow them!!
  • Able to provide cooked food
  • Mobile food van
  • Planning a garege sale
  • Looking for volunteering/internships
  • Selling products while servicing
  • Person want to work at your command, as per your timings and in the commuting distance you want

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