• Your neighborhood is your own safe haven. It’s where you own your house, raise your kids, fostered your dreams, met your sweetheart, and keep everything that means something to you. It’s where you know everyone and everyone knows you.
  • It’s the place you feel safest because you know that when it comes down to it, those people, your neighbors, are there for whatever reason you need them. And you are also being there for them when they need you.
  • InAjiffy takes this community spirit one step further by providing neighborhood services to closely-knit communities whose members always take care of each other and ready to do those little tasks that matter a lot to each other, be it drop the kids at school, Give food to pet, close the kitchen faucet etc.
  • Or feeding your dog when you are late to the home or greet guests to arrive ahead of you. We knit these services around the close neighbors to render services to each other, which cannot be availed from unknown or untrusted people.
  • Service: You define your neighborhood, you offer your services, and you seek services, This services can be as easy as “Shut off my burner”, “Pick up my kids from School”, “lock my door”.
  • Come register with us! Build your Neighborhood community to help each other! Offer to do the little things your neighbors need for Pride or Price, seek their help when you need! Log in to see the range of the neighborhood services, that you can offer or avail, with your trusted community!