Lend and Borrow

  • Sharing, caring and Bartering were those ideas that made our habitats flourish when the technology wasn’t there. Now We have the technology, that should make us closer to each other than ever!
  • If we let the technology share, care, and barter we can bring our golden times back! INAJIFFY has created a lend and borrows service! You can lend and borrow anything within your community or neighborhood for Price or Pride.
  • You have a motorized mower, and you neighbor has a manual mower, you were hesitant to help him and your neighbor is hesitant to ask you. In a Jiffy solves the problem.
  • So is the case when you shovel the snow with hand Shoveler and your neighbor is blowing the snow with the snow blower! You want to borrow, You’re hesitant to ask him,  InAJiffy solves this problem for you!
  • In a Jiffy makes Sharing, and bartering easy! For Price or Pride! If you have equipment you rarely use but can be a money saver to someone else. Offer to lend it!
    Sign up with us and make money off of it rather than idling it.