• There will always be that time when you need something done, but have neither the time nor the skills for it. There will also be that time when you need a service but don’t know who to call.
  • It might be as big as remodeling a room in your house or office, or as small as weeding the garden, but however big or small it is, you need it done.
  • We are InAJiffy™ -we can quickly help people (Service Seekers) find people ( Service Providers) for delivering services from smallest tasks to the most complicated work!
  • We are a group of people, who went thru almost all the phases of Life Cycle of Life, like being a kid, elementary schooler, high schooler, college student, residing with parents, living alone, sharing an apartment, getting married, raising kids, throwing parties etc.
  • At every phase of the life, we felt the need for assistance! We couldn’t find a single source (app) that provide the services we wanted!. We carefully examined the needs of the people at different stages of life and developed this eco system called, InAJiffy™. InAJiffy is articulated thru the web or an App on ioS/Android.
  • In a Jiffy quickly finds a matching Service Providers(SP) for the Service Seekers(SS) on demand, or on schedule, or to get a quote different skilled persons.
  • Yes, we know there are other companies, websites and apps out there that provide the same service. Differentiators of InAJiffy™, that sets us apart is as follow.
  • We kept the tasks small so that the seeker is encouraged to use it more times.Seekers can choose from services available on demand and a service provider will be available right now, for services such as weeding the garden.
  • Seekers can schedule for a service to be performed at a particular time or day, such a massage services for tomorrow afternoon.Seekers can choose a service and request a quote, for bigger and complicated tasks such as home remodeling. A seeker can choose providers from different skill levels.
  • Seeker can choose an SP by himself or let the system select for him, or choose from masked list of providers for the lowest price they provide, or seeker can reverse bid

Quote In A Jiffy is born for providing everything you want in jiffy, in any way you want in a jiffy!! We made a beginning to change the way you seek service. Quote 2


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